Quality Hotel Fredrikstad is located in the heart of Fredrikstad, within walking distance of the central station and the city's charming Old Town with its restaurants, shops, cafés and shopping centres.


Værste develops and rents out property in Fredrikstad. They helps out with our HQ.


Værste will contribute to Fredrikstad becoming an even better city to live, study and work in. A good mix of housing, schools, industry, sports and culture, will give the area just that.

Snø Designstudio is an industrial design company based in Fredrikstad, one hour from Oslo, Norway.


Managing a national and international product portfolio, we provide service within the field of design and product development.

Our goal is to help people reclaim their freedom through innovative wearable solutions. This is what drives us to help those 400 million people worldwide who suffer from restless legs. And this philosophy is also why we launched our second product, MEDZLEEVE, a wearable solution against the arm and hand pain that is so present in today’s digital world.